Growing Your Own Herbs

I love cooking with herbs. I never realized how much herbs can influence the taste of food. They are delicious. I started watching Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network station, Giada at Home, during the summer of 2010. She uses basil in a lot of her recipes. I remember watching and thinking-basil? What is that? I realized I had never viewed the spices in the grocery store unless I was looking for a specific spice. I never cooked or even thought about cooking with fresh herbs before.

The more recipes I made, the more I learned about herbs. Believe it or not, basil has many benefits. Not only does it taste good, it is good for the body! Cooking with Basil  explains the benefits of basil and ways to cook with it. There is a difference between using fresh and dry herbs. Remember, you never know how long dry herbs have been on the counter. Fresh herbs give your food that spark it needs for the ultimate taste.

This is my beautiful basil grown from my AeroGarden.
My husband got me an AeroGarden from Amazon last Christmas. I love it because it allows me to have fresh herbs all year long. I grow my own big beautiful basil and harvest it right from my kitchen counter. There are many herbs and vegetables to choose from. So far, I have grown basil, chives, tomatoes, thyme, lettuce, savory, and more.

Not only can you grow herbs, you can grow flowers to beat the winter blues. On my last order, I customized my herb tray and got to pick exactly what I wanted. I picked my six favorite herbs to cook from. My AeroGarden is a treasure to me. I love it. It has provided me with many cups of fresh herbs and a lot of happiness watching them grow!

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