The Day My Son Had a Seizure

Those who follow me know that my son has low functioning autism. He is eight years old, non-verbal and we are still working on potty training among many other developmental things. We recently got him therapy chickens that is enjoying them very much!

Let me start by saying this was a normal afternoon after school. My husband went to work out as he does every Thursday afternoon and I was getting the kids lunches ready for the next day. Both kids were saying they were hungry so I made french fries to hold them over. My youngest daughter was sitting at the table and my son was standing beside her eating the fries. My son was moving to the other side of the table and out of the corner of my eye I saw him fall!

I quickly moved over to where he was. He was hunched over in the corner. His eyes were looking up and to the side. It looked as though they were stuck! His arms and legs were stiff and feeling very contracted. I called his name and he wasn't responding! I carried him into the living room and laid him on the couch. I feeling like he was having a seizure. He never had a seizure before and I wasn't 100% sure.

My daughter older daughter came down from upstairs. She tried to call my husband and he wasn't picking up so she drove there. We live about two minutes from the gym.

I called 911. My son was turning blue. The 911 operator told me to check his airway and chest. It wasn't rising! I tilted his head back and checked again. There was air coming out of his nose and his chest was moving again. Slowing his color started to return.

The paramedics arrived thank God. He was coming around but still wasn't right. I explained what happened to them. The paramedic said he thinks it was a seizure and suggested for him to go to the hospital. He was transported in the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, he was exhausted and fell asleep. This was very unlike him. I don't think he has napped since he was 5 months old.

The paramedics told me it is very normal for someone to sleep after having a seizure because of the trauma done to the body. They had to sedate him for the CT scan. It came back normal showing no bleed. The hospital advised me to follow up with his primary care doctor.

My son waiting for his CT scan.
My son and I playing ball the day after.
I was unaware that autism and seizures are very common. According to Autism Speaks, nearly one-third of people with autism have epilepsy. I now know what to do if this happens again. I strongly advise every parent educate themselves on what to do in an event of a seizure as well as learn CPR. You never know when an emergency is going to happen and trust me, never think it won't happen to you.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Easy Loom Knit Mittens Part 2 (The Right Hand)

If you haven't seen my first video Easy Loom Knit Mittens, you can find it here.  This shows you how to loom knit a left hand.

This post and video is about how to loom knit a right hand mitten. The directions are step by step. If you have any questions, please leave me a message below or comment under the video.

You will need a round 24 peg loom, Yarn (I used super bulky #6) Lion Brand Thick and Quick, Boye Loom Hook, and a tapestry needle.

K= Knit

*Start by making a slip knot.
*Cast on. I used the ewrap cast on method.

Knitting the Cuff:
*K1 P1
Rows 1-6

(I start counting my rows over when I start the heel.)
Knitting the Heel:
Row 1*K12- EW12
Row 2*K12- P12
Row 3-5 *K24
Row 6 *K12- EW12
Row 7 *K12- P12
Row 8-10 *K24
Row 11 *K12-EW12
Row 12 *K12-P12
Rows 13-15 *K24

Knitting the Thumb (Right Hand)
Ewrap 12 pegs over to the left.
Ewrap to the right 7 pegs. (less pegs if you want a smaller thumb hole section for your mitten.) That leaves your thumb sections about 3 1/2 inches wide. You can go smaller if you would like. For example. I use 7 pegs for my thumb so I use a tape measure for those seven pegs and then fold my tape measure and half to see the actual thumb size. Once you get to your desired thumb size you we move to the next part.

Knitting the Fingers
I measure above the thumb to the top of the middle finger. Then I use the ewrap stitch until I get my desired length. Remember to add a little room if you like a little extra wiggle room.

Binding Off
We use a simple bind off method of taking our working yarn and using a tapestry needle through each stitch. This will remove it from the loom. (The video shows exactly how I remove the mitten off the loom.) If you have made my hat, you will see the binding off is the same way as we are using with the mitten.

Sewing Up
The last thing to do is sew up the top of the mitten and the sides of the thumb. Do your best. The stitches line up and I go from bottom to top. I knot and weave in the ends inside the mitten. Weave in your slip knot where the cuff starts and you are finished!!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please remember to have fun and enjoy the benefits of loom knitting.

Easy Loom Knit Leg Warmers

I am in love with this pattern for leg warmers. It's beginner friendly and once you get the hang of it moves fast! These leg warmers were made for my daughter. I measured her legs from above the knee and down to get the length of the leg warmer. Her length was 13 1/2 inches.

I used a Knifty Knitter 24 peg loom for this project, yarn #5, a tapestry needle and a loom hook. Instead of crocheting, I made this leg warmer by loom knitting!

Start by making a slip knot and attaching your yarn by the anchor peg.
On the first peg (Above the anchor peg), make and ewrap stitch and continue the whole way around the loom until you return back to the starting peg.
Next we are using a purl stitch the entire way around the loom.
Now we will start row 2. In this pattern a knit stitch and purl stitch is considered one row.
We will have a total of 5 rows to start of knit/ purl.
Measure the length of your 5 rows and write it down.
Now we will do the ewrap stitch. Do the ewrap stitch until you reach a length where adding the 5 rows brings you to the length of the leg you are making the leg warmer for.
Once you reach that length you will repeat the 5 rows you did at the start of the pattern.
Once your desired length is reached you will do the basic bind off. I show you in detail how to do the Basic Bind Off in the video.
Weave in the ends.

You can customize your leg warmers any way you like. You can add buttons or flowers. If you have any questions,  leave me a message below or comment on the video and I will get back to you. I would love to see your finished leg warmer!

Easy Crochet Cowl

I am so in love with this yarn. I am lucky enough to have a local yarn shop in my town and my husband was so sweet and bought me a gift certificate. This yarn is from Three Irish Girls and the shop that carries it is called Harps and Thistles. The color is Bellini Springvale Bulky. It's 4oz and 98 yards.

I am using an N hook- 10 mm. You will also need a tapestry needle.

This pattern is perfect for a beginner!

 *Start by making a slip knot.
 *Chain 46
When you get to the end of the chain half double crochet in the third chain from the hook.
Continue the entire way down until you reach the end.
Chain two and turn your work.
Half double crochet in the back stitch the entire way down. Chain two and turn your work.
Continue to half double crochet in back stitch and following the same pattern until you have reached your desired cowl length.
Once you have reached your length you will want to cut your working yarn up where the last loop is. Bring the long piece of yarn though your last loop and tighten.
Weave in the ends.
Fold your cowl in half. Take your yarn and tapestry needle and sew (Whip Stitch) up the end stitches together. I show you exactly how to stitch in the video.

Easy Loom Knit Cowl

 I was asked if I could make a simple cowl on a loom. I have a great beginner friendly pattern.

I used a 41 peg loom, yarn tool, tapestry needle and super bulky yarn. I used one skein of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn #6. You can use any color of yarn you want and add a skein or two more to make your desired cowl length.

I started with the ewrap cast on. This is a common and simple cast on. After I did my cast on I continued using the ewrap stitch for almost the entire skein of the cowl. It is important to remember not to use the entire skein on the cowl. You will want to leave enough yarn to wrap around the loom 1 1/2 times. You will need this yarn to do your Basic Bind Off.

Please leave me a message if you have any questions. I am always happy to help or answer any questions.

Thanks for watching! Happy loomknitting!

Easy Loom Knit Slipper Socks

This is one of my favorite loom knit patterns. This pattern is written by Mei Lynne Travis. This is the link to her Ravelry pattern Follow her blog at

I used Lion Brand, Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn. You will need a 24 peg loom, a yarn tool and tapestry needle to weave in the ends.

Feel free to pause and rewind the video. Leave me a message if you have any questions. I would love to see your finished products! You can find me on Facebook at The Mom Writer. Tag me on Instagram.

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Easy DIY Christmas Tree Centerpiece

I am so excited to share this easy and low cost DIY Christmas Tree Centerpiece! My daughter and I had so much fun making the first tree. I hope you have fun too!

What you need for this project:

*A cone shape from  a local craft store or Walmart.
*A glue gun with glue sticks.
*Tinsel garland

*Beaded garland
*Shatter proof bulbs
*Extra tinsel garland to make tree look full

Personalize your tree by adding the colors of your choice! You can make your tree as fancy or plain as you would like. It's all up to you!

I would love to see your work. You can find me on Facebook on the Mom Writer

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