Easy Christmas Ornament Wreath (DIY)

I am so excited about making my new wreaths that I had to share!

The items needed for this craft project are as follows:

*A hard foam wreath.
*15 inches tinsel garland
*Large and small Christmas bulbs
*Beaded garland
*A glue gun with glue sticks

I got my ornaments, tinsel and beaded garland on sale at Target. My wreath was on sale at Michael's. I recommend if you have a smart phone to download the Michael's app. You can easily get coupons from the app making it much easier then trying to find a paper coupon.

My tips for this project:

*Measure the tinsel garland before starting the project. It will help when you are applying the tinsel to the wreath.
*Before starting the project take all of the metal tops off the bulbs. 
*Arrange the pattern of ornament colors to your liking.
*Be careful when applying the glue. The gun and glue both become very hot.

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Easy Loom Knit Mittens

My daughter and I were walking to her school door one morning and she said she was cold. She asked me if I would make her a pair of mittens. How could I say no? The problem is that I was having a terrible time finding a pattern for a young child. I worked hard and put together a pattern that is just right for her!

For this project you will need a 24 peg loom, chunky yarn or worsted weight 4 doubled, yarn tool, and a tapestry needle.

Start by making a slip knot and attaching it to the anchor peg.
Cast on using the Ewrap method.

To make the cuff K1, P1 for a total of six rows.

To make the heel of the hand Ewrap for 15 rows or use this pattern.
*Row 1   K12, EW12
*Row 2   K12, P12
*Rows 3-5 K24
*Row 6   K12, EW12
*Row 7   K12, P12
*Rows 8-10 K24
*Row 11  K12, EW12
*Row 12  K12, P12 
*Row 13  K24

To make the thumb use a flat knit back and fourth with pegs 1-7. You start your count from the anchor peg. Knit to the right of the anchor peg for the left hand and left of the anchor peg for the right hand. For this mitten I knitted 14 rows.

To finish the mitten Ewrap for 13 rows.

When you are finished bind off using your tapestry needle through each loop on the peg. Pull the yarn tight to close the hole. I use the same bind off as I do with a hat. Weave in the ends.

Now you can make a pair of mittens of your own or for someone else! They make a great gift!

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The Walking Dead: Season 6, episode3 "Thank you". Who gets it next? **(Spoiler Alert)**

I am a forty-something mom of four kids who watches The Walking Dead faithfully. That includes every marathon playing and my own Netflix parties when my husband goes out of town. I am not afraid to admit it either. Please let me clarify that I NEVER watch when my small children are awake.

We aren't the average household when it comes to entertainment. Our youngest son has autism and it's not possible for us to pick up and go. So, we do what we can and the best way we know how. This leads me to my next topic of home entertainment. We found The Walking Dead when it first started. It's the best tv show and I am totally hooked! I have to admit I have never been a "Zombie" fan. But this show got me. The writers and actors are amazing!

Last night's episode "Thank you",  is still in my head and probably will be until next Sunday when we can either deal with his death or be overjoyed that he has not been taken away from his beloved Maggie.  Either way, waiting is torture.

So let's go over why I think he is dead. I believe he is dead for every reason they are making us think he is alive. I have heard a few theories online from people who think they know Glenn's fate. Some people think he crawled under the dumpster and the zombies just ate Nicholas. Not to mention I have heard the entire scene was a hallucination.

They did not list Glenn in the weekly memorial wrap up like they do every other character on  "Talking Dead" and we were told by Scott Gimple that next week we will have "closure" on Glenn. The message stated that we would either see Glenn again, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, in a flashback or current story to help complete closure from this heartbreaking episode.

We will have to wait and catch this Sunday's 90 minute episode to find out what exactly has happened! What do you think? I want to know! Leave you opinion in the comments below!

Easy Double Crochet

The double crochet is one of the most common crochet stitches. It is simple and easy to do once you have the motion down. I advise to practice a lot. The more you practice the different stitches the easier it will be to do when you have a pattern. I encourage you to pause this video while you practice. Try not to be tense and take your time. Crochet is fun and very relaxing.

Items you need are a crochet needle H and a worsted weight yarn. I Love This Yarn is a good choice but any worsted weight yarn will do. Here are simple step by step instructions to help learn how to double crochet.

1. Make a foundation chain. (I made my foundation chain 15.) I have a video on how to make a foundation chain. After chaining 15, chain 3 more stitches. This creates your "turning chain".

2. To make your first double crochet stitch, yarn over (yo) from the back of your crochet needle to the front. Insert your crochet needle into the fourth chain from the hook.

3. Yarn over again. Pull the hook through through the center of the stitch carrying the wrapped yarn. There should be three loops on the hook.

4. Yarn over again. Pull the yarn through the first two hooks. Yarn over again and pull through the final two loops.

5. Continue down the row doing 1 double crochet into the foundation chain of 10. At the end of the row you should have a total of 16 stitches and that includes your "turning chain".

Leave me a message if you have any questions or would like to know how to do a simple project. Also stay tuned for my next video. I will show you how to make a cozy for a cup.

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Put the Cell Phone Down!

It doesn't matter if you are a mother, girlfriend, husband or wife. I am writing this for you! Put the cell phone down! Your time here on Earth is limited. You don't always have tomorrow. Instead of searching your Facebook feed at dinner, put the cell phone down and talk to your child or whomever you are eating dinner with and show some interest.

If you are a parent, remember your child is watching. YOU are their example. Do you want them to growing up thinking cell phones or Ipads at the table are okay? I know I want my child to feel like they are number one when I am speaking to them. They need attention and to know that they are being listened to! I want them growing up giving eye contact and respect tothers. It scares me to think of this generation being on an electronic product is the "norm".

How many times have you seen a couple out on a date and one or both are on their phones? My husband and I very rarely get to go out together but when we do, we do not use our cell phone. It wasn't always that way but when you realize your time is truly limited it makes you more appreciative of the time you do have and easier to put the cell phone aside.

Let's get back to talking! So many young adults, preteens and teens have anxiety because they aren't forced to socialize. Cell phones have become an escape! Put your cell phone down and talk to someone. It might be hard at first, but trust me, you will thank yourself! The person you are with will thank you!

Easy Crochet Foundation Chain

Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet? I am making a small series of tutorial videos to help anyone that would like to learn to crochet. It's so much fun! When I was a little girl I only knew how to make a foundation chain. My neighbor taught me and that was the extent of my learning. So, after I learned to loom knit, I knew I wanted to learn more. I am so glad I did and I encourage anyone that has thought about it to try.

This video shows how to make a foundation chain. Many crochet pattern start out with a foundation chain. *The only time the project wouldn't is if you are crocheting in the round. Remember not to make your foundation chain too tight or loose. An extra tight foundation chain will create problems in your project. Take your time and have fun!

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Shaun the Sheep Cake and Cupcakes

My daughter turned six last week. She loves Shaun the Sheep a lot. She requested a Shaun the Sheep birthday cake for her "day of birthday" and sheep cupcakes for the day we invited the family over for a party. I was a little nervous about the cupcakes. So much that I begged my husband to get a small cake.

The cake was pretty simple. I took a box cake mix and followed the directions. I made two round cakes and made a peanut butter filling for the inside. I ended up covering the whole cake with peanut butter icing which is perfect for the color of Bitzer! My husband was kind enough to help me get the icing I needed. Blue, black, white and brown icing all made by Wilton. I also used brown piping gel.

Using a Bitzer coloring paper, I outlined the part I wanted to be applied on the cake. Then I
turned over the paper and gently rubbed the gel on the cake. From there I was able to pipe the colors onto the cake. I am no cake artist, but she loved the cake and that's all that matters to me!

What do you think?

I used candy eyes, mini marshmallows, white buttercream icing, white and black Wilton cake frosting. I started by using a a box cake mix for my recipe. After baking the cupcakes I applied buttercream icing for my base to hold the mini marshmallows. Then I piped the sheep's head and ears. After that I added the candy eyes. This is how it turned out.

If you have a question about the cake or cupcakes, comment below.

Like I said, I am no professional baker but I did my best for my daughter and that's what counts. Not to mention I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading!

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