Eating and Autism

One thing  I have realized with autism is that there is always something to work on. Just when one hurdle subsides, it seems another one arrives. I am not complaining or feeling sorry for myself. It's just a fact of autism.

Alexander's IEP meeting was this past May. It's a chance to go over goals and hear his educators plans and goals for the future. I am lucky enough NOT to feel threatened like I read in so many facebook posts of parent's whose children have autism. Some people describe their child's IEP like WWI.  We are lucky. I feel we work together in everything. This is the way it should be.

One of the goals for Alexander is to be more independent with his eating. Frequently, I still feed him. What I have realized over the past year is that he is very capable of feeding himself. I don't know about you but I always seem to find out he is doing way more at school than he is at home.

I am being persistent and making him eat on his own now. One thing we have bought is FunBites in the square green mold. This allows us to cut his sandwich in perfect squares. He doesn't like to eat anything too big for his fingers. If the bite is too big he won't eat it.

I am definitely glad I found this for Alexander and I recommend this if your child is learning to eat on his or her own. The only problem I have found is that if you over use the peanut butter the bread will turn into mush. I have to remember to keep  If you have any questions about this product comment below.

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Back to School Organization

In four days my children will be going back to school. My youngest will be starting kindergarten! I am nervous about how our mornings will go because she is very picky about the clothes she picks out. The tag can't be in the wrong place. The pants can't be too tight or too loose. Sometimes when I think I have a winner outfit picked out, it still ends up to be a bust!

I have decided we are going to have her outfit picked out the night before. Hopefully if all goes well, I would like to have the weeks outfit ready to go. I bought a Monday-Friday Clothes Organizer for my son. It's perfect because there are no huge decisions of what to wear in the mornings. It's all ready and laid out including socks and underwear! It always has the days of the week labeled which helps the younger children learn! I highly recommend it if you are a parent looking for a smoother transition in the mornings.

What do your children do for lunches? Do they pack or buy? My children normally packed. To save time, I have them or myself pack their lunch the night before. It saves so much time in the mornings. My older daughter actually helped organize our pantry by using old food boxes and ripping the tops off of them. You can store packaged foods like chips, cookies, crackers or raisins. Anything that obviously doesn't need refrigerated is great to store there. The kids can go down the line of boxes and get what they need to help pack their own lunch. It's brilliant! It teaches them responsibility and recycling!

Do you have any tricks to make mornings go smoother? Let's share! Leave me a comment below!

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Autism Outburts

My youngest son has frequent outbursts. He is combative at times. I am usually always his first target no matter how hard I try to make it right. It's very difficult because I know he doesn't mean to hit. Sometimes after he hits he signs and says immediately that he is sorry.

There was a time when it was so bad that we went to the doctor for help. My son cannot take a pills so nothing other than a liquid would do. He prescribed Quilivant for him. We did not like the side effects of the medicine. We even had his school calling us saying he wasn't functioning. He never falls asleep during the day and he was falling asleep. He also would have insomnia at night. The whole experience was very difficult for everyone. There were nights that he was up all night. He ended up going off of the medicine.

I have been doing a lot of research on other alternatives, specifically natural choices. We discovered a product from Native Rememdies called PureCalm. It's a liquid supplement. There are a lot of good reviews about it. We decided we would try it. So far, so good. It's natural and the reviews say it promotes calm during times of high pressure.

Do you have troubles with autism outbreaks with your with your son or daughter? What do you do? Does your child take prescription medication or something natural? What kind of strategies do you use? I would love to know what works for you.

Giada De Laurentis to Release a New Book!

I am so excited! Yesterday, Giada De Laurentis announced she will be releasing a brand new cookbook on November 3, 2015 called Happy Cooking! The new book will have about 200 new recipes as well as her tips and strategies for making cooking in the kitchen easier! She says in her email that this book will be the best yet! Happy Cooking will be book number seven for Giada!

This is huge and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

 If you are interested in pre-ordering the new book, click here.

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Shaun the Sheep Movie is Here!

It's here! Shaun the Sheep starts showing today and we got to see it! My daughter and I have been so excited to see the movie! Although the sign says August 7, it indeed came out today and we could not be happier about it.

It is a great movie. It's hard to keep my attention and this movie kept it the whole time! I really love the messages in the movie. Yes, there are messages in it. It's hard for some people to imagine because there is no talking in the movie. The characters make sound. 

The best part is that I got to spend quality time with my little girl. We are not like typical families. We cannot all go out to see a movie. Autism and quiet movies do not mix, but we find a way to work around it and do the best we can with what we have to work with. My baby girl will be starting school in just a few weeks and I can't imagine being home without her. I am so thankful for all the time we have shared now and in the future.

So, what is the Mom Writer about?

I haven't posted for awhile. Life has been so busy and I have been caught up in so many ventures. 

I got caught up in the direct sales world for a good two years. I know now that direct sales is nothing I ever want to try again. It's just not for me and that is okay.

 I love The Mom Writer but for so long, I had no clue of what to write about. Over the past year I have had more physical problems then I think I have ever had in my life. 

In March of 2014, the muscles in my legs and arms stopped working the way they normally were working. I developed weakness and pain like I never had before. Standing is a problem for me. It feels like my muscles are being put on a table and stretched out.

I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 15, so I thought it was a Lupus attack until almost everything came back normal in my normal three month check up. I had no idea of what it could be. So, I went to visit my primary care physician. For some reason the doctor covering for him ran a mono test. The results were positive. Everything was being blamed on mono. Which made no sense to me. I was told to give it a few months and see how it goes since mono can cause these symptoms. I was also told that I could be one of those that always test positive for mono. I was diagnosed last fall with myasthenia gravis and another doctor told me he disagrees. He thinks I have fibromyalgia with lupus. To make a long story short, the muscle weakness I developed has never went away. I am still suffering a great deal everyday. 

Back to the subject of The Mom Writer. I am a mom and I write. I may write about autism, food, crafts, crochet, loom knitting, television shoes or crochet. A mom does many things and plays many roles. My solution has been there the whole time. I love being a mom and I do not want to give up on the Mom Writer. I love it too much. 

I am preparing new ideas for post that include a little of everything. I am excited and hope you will join me in conversation. I have included some of my favorite pictures of my four kids. I hope you enjoy them. 

Can you relate to this post? Leave me a comment and tell me one thing that you have struggled made it through as a mom. 
Thanks for reading and here's to being a little bit of everything, a "MOM".
Love, Gina (The Mom Writer) 

Adveture in Cake Pops


Our adventure with Valentine Cake Pops. 
Making cake pops looks easier on videos than in reality for us. I could not get the chocolate to stay on the pop. I was not letting the chocolate dry first before I dipped it into the chocolate to cover the pops. We have adorable little heart molds to make our cake pops in, so hopefully we will be able to make a video.

We are going to try again and hopefully have better luck. The cake pops tasted delicious and the mommy / daughter time spent together was priceless.

Have you ever made cake pops? How did they turn out?
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